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Handmade Holidays: Rolled Beeswax Candles

Are you making handmade gifts this year?  We are! Hand-rolled beeswax candles will make an appearance in several gift baskets.  They are simple enough that Lillian can make a passable candle and they burn cleanly with only the slightest honey scent.

beeswax for candlesWe order bulk beeswax sheets from Knorr Beeswax for $43 (shipped) for twenty 8x16 inch sheets and wick. It comes in a variety of colors and is very high quality in our experience.

To roll, lay out an art mat (aka old plastic placemat) on which to work.  An old pair of scissors works well to cut the sheets to size.  We use half a sheet (8x8) for a standard dinner candlestick.  A half sheet cut on the diagonal makes a taper.  For a pillar, roll the entire 8x16 inch sheet or cut to the height you wish.

Place the wick at one edge of the wax.  Roll slowly and tightly, keeping the bottom edge aligned.  Wax rolls best on a warm day and can be warmed slightly with a hair dryer if it is crumbling.

cutting wax shapes for rolled candle decoration rolling beeswax candle handrolled beeswax candle

Lillian likes to use mini cookie cutters to cut decorations for the candles.

child made beeswax candles

An adult must press the cookie cutters through the wax as it is very difficult to cut cleanly.  I press with my full weight and slide the cutter back and forth against the cutting mat to be sure the wax cuts all the way through.

homemade gift basket with candles

Once we discovered handmade beeswax candles a few years ago, we fell in love. We roll them for everyday use and special occasions. Two years ago, we helped Lil paint terra cotta pot bases and make pillars to give as a set for Xmas. She insists on making hand-rolled custom birthday candles.

For gift giving, I like to tie two dinner or taper candles together with a bit of raffia or ribbon before wrapping or tucking them into a gift basket.

Please excuse the uncovered cans in the basket. A post on prettying up home canned goods is coming soon!

What are you making for holiday gifts this year?