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Pressure is On! Canning Sweet Corn

corn for pressure canning I finally did it. I bit the bullet and tried pressure canning. I chose canning corn for my first project because it is abundant right now and I generally like store-bought canned corn.

To begin, Alex and I husked 4 dozen ears of fresh, non-GMO corn from Bird's Haven Farms. I cut kernels off the cobs while a large pot water boiled on the stove and the jars and lids sanitized in two additional pots of boiling water. Yes, I'm glad that our heat wave finally broke and the kitchen stayed at sub-sauna temperatures!

sweet corn in jars for canning

I loaded the raw corn into the jars, pouring boiling water over top and released air bubbles with a sanitized thin knife. I read the instruction manual and adjusted the canner weight for 10 pounds of pressure. Then I placed on the two part lids, put the jars in the canner, twisted the lid closed and turned up the heat.

My sweet corn and I survived to report that pressure canning is no more trouble than water bath canning. The only difference, really and truly, is the annoyance of the sputtering canner sound. For sweet corn, you must endure the hissing for a full fifty five minutes. I recommend leaving the kitchen and doing something else during the processing, lest your ears bleed from the racket.

lifting jar out of pressure canner

The canner had to cool for a full half hour before the seal released. All six jars sealed within minutes of being removed from the pot. Sweet!

Only time will tell if home canned corn texture is something I enjoy eating, but at the very least this batch taught me that pressure canning is nothing I should fear. Low acid vegetables, stocks, and meats - the pressure is on!

Have you ever pressure canned? What do you think about it?


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