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Summer Solstice Garden Update

After a spring devoid of garden success (sparrows ate the peas, springs crops like radishes bolted too quickly, lettuces were slow to grow), I welcome summer. Warmer temperatures and less torrential rain will surely help our sustainable garden grow.

backlit homegrown grapesviolet tomato growingnardello peppers growing
Grapes, tomatoes, and peppers bend with fruit and hope for autumn harvest.

swiss chard and greens in early summerherbs in a sideyard
Greens and herbs grow by inches overnight.

bee pollinating tomato flowerInsects exchange flower dust for nectar in the symbiotic relationship that creates so much of our food: pollination. Thank you, bees and butterflies, for this gift.

green beans climbing a homemade trellisdragon tongue bush bean flower
Beans climb and slowly reveal their flowers.

cucumber flowerwinter squash flower
Cucumber and squash plants also hide petals under their shady leaves.

chicken eyeing raspberry
We pick small handfuls of warm, soft ripe raspberries daily, coveted by child, chickens, and hounds alike.

How does your garden grow?